Book: The Way of The Master
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Simply AWESOME. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to share your faith in Christ, but didn’t quite know what to say to people, this is the book for you!
Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron give excellent biblical examples of how to talk to people the way Jesus did. This is by far the BEST book on evangelism that I’ve ever read– and I have read several! You will not be disappointed! This book should be required for every Seminary! Every Christian should read this book! – B. Golob

Second most important book next to the Bible. Incredible book and a must read. The author gives perfect analogies to see how a Christian life should be lived. It’s great perspective and amazing teachings. I learned something from every chapter and it was very eye opening.
Everything is scripturally based. It takes about how to be a well rounded disciple and the importance of working around the Ten Commandments.
I highly recommend this book. – N. Bush “RunnerFreak”